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Gratis bloggen bei

Welcome to my blog !!!

This blog will offer some rare music for you to listen. As a long-time music collector, I decided to transfer some great and rare (and out-of-print) rock and metal albums / demotapes to digital format to share it with you for free. You will also find a few albums which are available as reissues, but remixed or remastered beyond recognition, so enjoy the original versions here - as they were intended to be heard back in the days.
Due to space and storage reason, all files will be published in lossy m4a or mp3 format with high quality settings. Please don't ask for lossless files !!! This blog was made to present some long-forgotten and essential musical gems of artists and bands who are inactive today or didn't re-release any of the items you will find on this blog. All digital transfers were made by BlackTrack74 (or at least cleaned and mastered from vinyl or cassette sources, offered by other fans and collectors), using high-quality turntables and expensive cartridges and tapedecks for best possible sound quality and, of course, professional studio software to remove unwanted noises like clicks, pops or tape hiss.
If you are one of the original musicians or the copyright holder of any material published on my blog and you have any problem with the non-profit and 100% free publication here, feel free to contact me and I will remove your album / demo / single immediately.
And now, Ladies and gentlemen, sit down and listen.

9.1.15 10:26

V.A. (1988) Satan's Revenge Part II (New Renaissance Records NRR48)

This compilation is an essential release when it comes to early vinyl appearances of old Death / Thrash bands. For example, the LP includes a Morbid Angel demo track and the only official released studio recording of Necrovore. The following artists and songs are on the record:

(The Unsane) Necromanic Force / (Ripping Corpse) The Unblessed / (Tempter) Death Is For Burning / (Damien) Final Day / (Sacred Death) No Life / (Angkor Wat) Died Young / (Necrovore) Slaughtered Remains / (Darkness) Armageddon / (Severe Warning) It's Not Easy To Be The Antichrist / (Morbid Angel) Thy Kingdom Come / (Vacant Grave) Eternal Nightmare

Besides a cassette edition, this compilation album was never released on CD. BlackTrack74 is proud to release a high quality transfer from a near mint vinyl copy. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 13:09

Cronos Titan (1989) Final Effort (Demotape)

A cool Speed/Thrash demo from Bavaria (Germany), including the following songs:

Survival / Quiet Place / Backstreet Revolution / Caught In A Web

Sure, the sound on that release is not the best, but it was transferred from an original cassette and I suspect that it was recorded with a 4-tracker. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:42

Sepultura (1991) Arise - Rough Mixes (Estúdio Eldorado ‎LP 3.175)

The Scott Burns rough mix, released as limited edition LP for "Rock In Rio". This brazilian only release includes unfinished versions of the following songs:

Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells / Desperate Cries / Murder / Subtraction / Altered State / Under Siege (Regnum Irae) / Meaningless Movements / Infected Voice

Besides the fact that these rough mixes sound much more aggressive than the later official released version, some final overdubs are missing on that version here. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:38

Sodom (1986) Obsessed By Cruelty - Second Recording (Steamhammer ‎SH 0040)

This is the second recording of their first full length album which was available on the german Steamhammer LP only. All other vinyl and CD versions contain the first recording which was released by mistake. The following songs are included on the LP:

Intro (The Rebirth) / Deathlike Silence / Brandish The Sceptre / Proselytism Real / Equinox / After The Deluge / Obsessed By Cruelty / Fall Of Majesty Town / Nuctemeron / Pretenders To The Throne / Witchhammer / Volcanic Slut

This transfer was made from a near mint copy of the Steamhammer original LP. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 12:01

Blitzkrieg (1981) Buried Alive c/w Blitzkrieg (Neat Records, NEAT 10)

This is one of the most important NWOBHM releases ever. Released in 1981, it was one of the early releases that defined the new wave:

Buried Alive / Blitzkrieg

The transfer you will find here was made from the original pressing. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:32

Legacy (1985) Demo:1 (Demotape)

Here we have the legendary demo by pre-Testament Thrashers Legacy. This is the only recording with Steve Souza on vocals:

Burnt Offerings / Reign Of Terror / Alone In The Dark / Raging Waters

As I never had the chance to pick up an original demo for my collection, this rip was made from a cassette, owned by a good comrade. The audio was cleaned a bit and the lack of treble range was slightly fixed. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:23

Savage (1983) Loose'n'Lethal (Ebony Records EBON 12)

One of my favourite albums from the NWOBHM era. Listen to the guitar sound - this is unbelievable raw and aggressive !!! The following tracks are included on the original LP:

Let It Loose / Cry Wolf / Berlin / Dirty Money / Ain't No Fit Place / On The Rocks / The China Run / White Hot

This album is sold out since a very long time. In the 90s, it was released on CD for the very first time, adding some demotracks as bonus. For the CD version, the albumtracks were definitely sourced from a vinyl source with average gear, so BlackTrack74 is proud to present a digital transfer from the original LP, made with better equipment. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:14

Necrovore (1987) Divus De Mortuus (Demotape)

A real classic piece of brutality, recorded with low-quality equipment in 1987. This rehearsal demo includes the following tracks:

Mutilated Death / Slaughtered Remains / Divus De Mortuus / Toxic Decay

You will find countless different transfers out there, reaching from "ok" to "horrible". BlackTrack74 is proud to present a very good version, restored and remastered from a CD-R copy which was marked as "original master copy". Not sure if it is true or not, but decide for yourself if you like that version:



24.2.15 22:47

Incubus (1987) Supernatural Death (Demotape)

This is the 1987 demo of Incubus from Louisiana (not to be confused with the Georgia band by Mike Browning and Sterling Von Scarborough which also released a demo in 1987). The following songs are included:

Serpent Temptation / Sadistic Sinner / Voices From The Grave / Incubus

These four tunes are not the only songs which were recording during that sessions. There exists a very rare 10-song version, including some unreleased songs and a full live show from 1987. Sadly I never came across one of these copies and instead re-posting bad versions which are available on the net on several other blogs, I decided to post the regular 4-song demo as a transfer from an original tape. Enjoy !!!


24.2.15 22:09

Malefic Oath (1992) The Land Where Evil Dwells (Demotape)

This is the one and only release by this two-man Black metal project from the Netherlands. It was recorded in 1992 and includes the following songs:

Intro / Prediction Of The Unborn Son / The Endless Way To The Unknown / Garden Of Memories / Outro

The version you will find on the blog was transferred from the original demo. As the cassette lacks massive treble, it was reEQed and carefully denoised. Enjoy !!!


24.2.15 21:55

Amorphis (1991) Disment Of Soul (Demotape)

Here we have the debut demo of one of the most successful metal/rock acts from Finland. Unfortunately, it was never released on vinyl or CD and both the band and the label missed the chance to add these three early tracks to the "Privilege Of Evil" vinyl release in 2013. The following tracks are included on the original 1991 demo cassette:

Disment Of Soul / Excursing From Existence / Privilege Of Evil

Enjoy !!!


24.2.15 21:51

Morbid Angel (1987) Thy Kingdom Come (Headache Records, Bootleg)

This is the 1987 demo and the very first recording, featuring David Vincent on bass and vocals...and the only studio recording with Wayne Hartsell on drums. Originally released as a 3-song-cassette, the swiss cult label Splattermaniac Records released 2 songs on a 7" single in 1988. In early nineties, some bootleg 7" versions from Headache Records were available through mailorders and distros, including the full sessions:

Thy Kingdom Come / Abominations / Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost

Here we have a transfer from one of the various Headache Records versions. Enjoy:


18.2.15 12:13

Death (1984-1986) Demo Anthology - The Early Tapes (Compilation)

BlackTrack74 is proud to present a nice demo compilation by DEATH (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner !!!). All tracks were compiled, partially restored and remastered (2012-2014) from various and best available sources. With a playing time of more than 92 minutes, this compilation combines "Death By Metal" (Demo 1984), "Reign Of Terror" (Demo 1984), "Infernal Death" (Demo 1985), "Back From The Dead" (Rehearsal Demo 1985), "Mutilation" (Demo 1986) and two very rare additional tracks:

Legion Of Doom / Evil Dead / Beyond The Unholy Grave / Power Of Darkness / Death By Metal / Corpse Grinder / Summoned To Die / Instrumental / Witch Of Hell / Reign Of Terror / Slaughter House / Infernal Death / Baptized In Blood / Archangel / Intro / Back From The Dead / Mutilation / Reign Of Terror / Beyond The Unholy Grave / Baptized In Blood / Legion Of Doom / Skill To Kill / Land Of No Return / Zombie Ritual / Mutilation / Rigor Mortis / Seizure

Enjoy !!!


18.2.15 11:42

Brats (1981) Rehearsal January 18th, 1981 (Bootleg LP+7")

This is metal history...!!! Brats were originally known as a danish punk band before King Diamond joined the band to change their direction to a more dark sounding quintett. The tunes you can hear now were recorded during a rehearsal in January 1981 and were never officially released in their entirety. Only four songs were spread as a promotape, all others became famous and well-known in tape trading circles.
In 2010, a bootleg LP and a 7" were released by some maniacs (see left cover. Right cover was taken from another bootleg vinyl release, containing the 4 song promotape only - in horrible sound quality), including the complete session:

Some Day / Death Kiss / Fightin' For The Knighthood / Combat Zone / Love Criminals / Night Riders / Sometimes You're Deadly / You Asked For It / Powers Of Darkness

Due to time restrictions of the vinyl, the makers decided to change the track order slightly. According to some tape traders and collectors, the version I've created here should be the original one.

Strangely, the (very harsh and trebly) recordings on the LP+7" bootleg release are mono, whilst the promotape has stereo versions...I did a remastering of the vinyl stuff, added a subtle room effect and now it sounds good I think. Listen for yourself:


18.2.15 09:44

Infernäl Mäjesty (1987) None Shall Defy (Roadracer Records RR 9609)

This album is part of my personal Top 5 list and I still can't get enough of it !!! Very structured and well-played Thrash from Canada (don't take the pictures on the back cover too serious...they look like posers but play like the devil...!!!) with some similarities to Slayer (Haunting The Chapel / Hell Awaits era), but in a much more technical way. The following songs are included on the original LP (the CD version has two additional demo tracks):

Overlord / R.I.P. / Night Of The Living Dead / S.O.S. / None Shall Defy / Skeletons In The Closet / Anthology Of Death / Path Of The Psyco

This album is a masterpiece and it is very sad that they never managed to record and release a follow up in the glory 80s. There are various demo and live tracks from 1988 which give an idea about the material for a possible second LP...but they needed 11 years to return with a new album and in the end it was not exactly what we expected...but still very good one.
"None Shall Defy" is one of the best Thrash LPs ever and will always have its place in my collection and my heart, as it is part of my life since more than 25 years now. As it is long sold out on LP (and also the only official CD edition from 1996 is out of print), I've decided to make a proper transfer from the original LP. Enjoy a high-quality rip from the US Roadracer vinyl:


18.2.15 15:44

Bathory (1985) The Return... (Black Mark Productions, BMLP 666-II)

The second album of swedish Black Metal pioneers around mastermind Quorthon. The version you can listen here was sourced from the original 1985 first press LP. It sounds totally different and much superior, compared to all available versions in print and includes the following songs:

Revelation Of Doom / Total Destruction / Born For Burning / The Wind Of Mayhem / Bestial Lust (Bitch) / Possessed / The Rite Of Darkness / Reap Of Evil / Son Of The Damned / Sadist (Tormentor) / The Return Of The Darkness And Evil

In 1990, this album sadly became a victim of an unnecessary remastering work of Quorthon and Black Mark Productions. Some reverb was added to the entire sound, the frequency range was totally changed and some cheap noise reduction tools were used to hide the origin of analogue tapes. Besides various original 1985 pressings on vinyl, there is no other version available, containing the original and unbutchered sound - not even any reissue until today. Enjoy a high quality transfer from the Black Mark first pressing:


18.2.15 15:00

Bathory (1987) Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (Under One Flag FLAG 11)

I am sure there is no single Black / Thrash metal maniac out there who doesn't know this groundbreaking album from Sweden...but I am very sure that some of you never heard the LP in its full glory and with a fantastic, brilliant and flawless sound !!! The following tracks are included:

Nocternal Obeisance / Massacre / Woman Of Dark Desires / Call From The Grave / Equimanthorn / Enter The Eternal Fire / Chariots Of Fire / 13 Candles / Of Doom...

All pre-1990 releases (unfortunately on vinyl only) were made from perfect masters, so the records sound outstanding. In 1990, Quorthon and Black Mark Productions decided to remaster the complete back catalogue. Nobody knows what went wrong here, but besides the sonic desasters they did with the first two albums (additional reverb, strange EQ choices), the tapes for "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" must have been either in very bad condition or unavailable at the time of the remastering process. The CD version sounds like taken from a damaged cassette tape with lots of dropouts and a treble spectrum like you would put a blanket to your speakers. Until today, every reissue on CD or LP was sourced from that horrible master, so if you want to hear the real one, you have to spend some bucks for one of the 1987 pressings (Under One Flag, New Renaissance or N.E.W. Musidisc)...but first listen here:


18.2.15 14:46

Breslau (1982) Volksmusik (EMI Harvest 1C 064-46 567)

This one is a real german classic piece...!!! A nice Rock'n'Roll album, featuring Jutta Weinhold on vocals (later singer in Velvet Viper and Zed Yago). The following songs are included:

Volksmusik / Exzess / Kampfmaschine / Auf der Galeere / Hexentanz / Spinne / Ohne Gesetz / Held Im Traum / Nach Uns Die Sintflut / Wixer

Besides the only original vinyl pressing from 1982, a CD edition from 2002 exists (with additional bonustracks), but it's not easy to find today. To my ears, the original LP sounds way better than the CD version, so here is a proper vinylrip. Enjoy:


18.2.15 09:57

Deathrow (1986) Riders Of Doom / Satan's Gift (Noise Records ‎N 0044)

Great german Thrash Metal in the vein of Darkness, Necronomicon, Carrion or Violent Force. Originally released as "Satan's Gift" (but censored after the first copies were sold), it was quickly rereleased with different artwork and title. The following tracks are included:

Winds Of Death / Satan's Gift / Riders Of Doom / Hell's Ascent / Spider Attack / Slaughtered / Violent Omen / Dark Tales / Samhain

There exists no original version on CD. The official CD release from 2008 was remastered from vinyl, but here we have a flat transfer without any remastering or additional compression or equalization, taken from the 1986 Noise Records LP. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:59

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