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V.A. (1988) Satan's Revenge Part II (New Renaissance Records NRR48)

This compilation is an essential release when it comes to early vinyl appearances of old Death / Thrash bands. For example, the LP includes a Morbid Angel demo track and the only official released studio recording of Necrovore. The following artists and songs are on the record:

(The Unsane) Necromanic Force / (Ripping Corpse) The Unblessed / (Tempter) Death Is For Burning / (Damien) Final Day / (Sacred Death) No Life / (Angkor Wat) Died Young / (Necrovore) Slaughtered Remains / (Darkness) Armageddon / (Severe Warning) It's Not Easy To Be The Antichrist / (Morbid Angel) Thy Kingdom Come / (Vacant Grave) Eternal Nightmare

Besides a cassette edition, this compilation album was never released on CD. BlackTrack74 is proud to release a high quality transfer from a near mint vinyl copy. Enjoy !!!


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