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Bathory (1985) The Return... (Black Mark Productions, BMLP 666-II)

The second album of swedish Black Metal pioneers around mastermind Quorthon. The version you can listen here was sourced from the original 1985 first press LP. It sounds totally different and much superior, compared to all available versions in print and includes the following songs:

Revelation Of Doom / Total Destruction / Born For Burning / The Wind Of Mayhem / Bestial Lust (Bitch) / Possessed / The Rite Of Darkness / Reap Of Evil / Son Of The Damned / Sadist (Tormentor) / The Return Of The Darkness And Evil

In 1990, this album sadly became a victim of an unnecessary remastering work of Quorthon and Black Mark Productions. Some reverb was added to the entire sound, the frequency range was totally changed and some cheap noise reduction tools were used to hide the origin of analogue tapes. Besides various original 1985 pressings on vinyl, there is no other version available, containing the original and unbutchered sound - not even any reissue until today. Enjoy a high quality transfer from the Black Mark first pressing:


18.2.15 15:00

Bathory (1987) Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (Under One Flag FLAG 11)

I am sure there is no single Black / Thrash metal maniac out there who doesn't know this groundbreaking album from Sweden...but I am very sure that some of you never heard the LP in its full glory and with a fantastic, brilliant and flawless sound !!! The following tracks are included:

Nocternal Obeisance / Massacre / Woman Of Dark Desires / Call From The Grave / Equimanthorn / Enter The Eternal Fire / Chariots Of Fire / 13 Candles / Of Doom...

All pre-1990 releases (unfortunately on vinyl only) were made from perfect masters, so the records sound outstanding. In 1990, Quorthon and Black Mark Productions decided to remaster the complete back catalogue. Nobody knows what went wrong here, but besides the sonic desasters they did with the first two albums (additional reverb, strange EQ choices), the tapes for "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" must have been either in very bad condition or unavailable at the time of the remastering process. The CD version sounds like taken from a damaged cassette tape with lots of dropouts and a treble spectrum like you would put a blanket to your speakers. Until today, every reissue on CD or LP was sourced from that horrible master, so if you want to hear the real one, you have to spend some bucks for one of the 1987 pressings (Under One Flag, New Renaissance or N.E.W. Musidisc)...but first listen here:


18.2.15 14:46

Breslau (1982) Volksmusik (EMI Harvest 1C 064-46 567)

This one is a real german classic piece...!!! A nice Rock'n'Roll album, featuring Jutta Weinhold on vocals (later singer in Velvet Viper and Zed Yago). The following songs are included:

Volksmusik / Exzess / Kampfmaschine / Auf der Galeere / Hexentanz / Spinne / Ohne Gesetz / Held Im Traum / Nach Uns Die Sintflut / Wixer

Besides the only original vinyl pressing from 1982, a CD edition from 2002 exists (with additional bonustracks), but it's not easy to find today. To my ears, the original LP sounds way better than the CD version, so here is a proper vinylrip. Enjoy:


18.2.15 09:57

Deathrow (1986) Riders Of Doom / Satan's Gift (Noise Records ‎N 0044)

Great german Thrash Metal in the vein of Darkness, Necronomicon, Carrion or Violent Force. Originally released as "Satan's Gift" (but censored after the first copies were sold), it was quickly rereleased with different artwork and title. The following tracks are included:

Winds Of Death / Satan's Gift / Riders Of Doom / Hell's Ascent / Spider Attack / Slaughtered / Violent Omen / Dark Tales / Samhain

There exists no original version on CD. The official CD release from 2008 was remastered from vinyl, but here we have a flat transfer without any remastering or additional compression or equalization, taken from the 1986 Noise Records LP. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:59

Deathrow (1987) Raging Steel (Noise Records N 0081)

The second album of the german Thrashers, this tim with a much better production and really great songs:

The Dawn / Raging Steel / Scattered By The Wind / Dragon's Blood / The Thing Within / Pledge To Die / Mortal Dread / The Undead City / Beyond The Light

All tracks transferred from the original german Noise Records LP. The official 2008 CD includes remastered versions, but here we have the original vinyl sound, created in 1986. Enjoy:


18.2.15 11:10

Dark Angel (1985) We Have Arrived (Axe Killer Records ‎7006)

At first I have to tell you that I never had any chance to grab an original LP with the great artwork (see right)...but i was very lucky to get a mint copy of the french Axe Killer release (see left) in 1990. This debut album is outstanding and the singer has such a unique style, it's always a pleasure to listen to the following songs:

We Have Arrived / Merciless Death / Falling From The Sky / Welcome To The Slaughter House / No Tomorrow / Hell's On It's Knees / Vendetta

All tracks taken from the original Axe Killer vinyl LP. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:53

Cyclone (1986) Brutal Destruction (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9687)

Great Exodus worship from Belgium and their only 80s album. Thrash metal at his finest. The singer is a real maniac !!! The following songs are included:

Prelude To The End / Long To Hell / Fall Under His Command / The Call Of Steel / Fighting The Fatal / In The Grip Of Evil / Take Thy Breath / Incest Love

All tracks taken from the original dutch Roadrunner vinyl. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:43

Coroner (1985) Death Cult + Demo 1988 + Compilationtracks (1988-1989)

This demo still rules !!! The songs are really good and it's unbelievable that this recording was the first attempt by swiss Techno-Thrashers Coroner. As they didn't have a singer at that time (later the bass player became the vocalist), they asked his friend and comrade Thomas Gabriel Fischer aka Tom Warrior to handle the vocals. This is a very unique and interesting mix and it works well !!!
There are different versions on vinyl and CD available, most of them are bootlegs. The only official version was the release on No Remorse Records, but after a quick comparison, I clearly prefer the sound of a nice transfer from the original tape. The version on the No Remorse CD edition sounds like taken from a damaged cassette. I compiled, restored and cleaned up all stuff from the original demotape, added the complete 1988 pre-production demo and the two tracks from the "Doomsday news" compilation albums, so the following songs are included in the folder:

Spectators Of Sin / Spiral Dream / Aerial Combat / The Invincible / Sudden Fall / Final Excretion / Voyage To Eternity / The New Breed /Arrogance In Uniform / Hate, Fire, Blood

Enjoy these killer songs in great quality !!!


18.2.15 10:38

Carnivore (1987) Retaliation (Roadrunner Records RR 9597)

The second album of this outstanding US band (featuring Peter Steele on vocals and bass guitar), this time very hardcore influenced and played fast as hell...!!! The following songs are included:

Jack Daniel's And Pizza / Angry Neurotic Catholics / S.M.D. / Ground Zero Brooklyn / Race War / Inner Conflict / Jesus Hitler / Technophobia / Manic Depression / U.S.A. For U.S.A. / Five Billion Dead / Sex And Violence

There is no good non-remixed or non-remastered CD version available. The early Price Killers edition sounds like taken from a bad tape and has a horrible frequency range, whilst the 1988 edition (the one with both albums on one CD) has an incomplete tracklist and remixed versions of the recordings. So here we have a nice transfer from the original Roadrunner LP. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:25

Bulldozer (1986) The Final Separation (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9711)

This is the second album by italian Speed/Black/Thrash horde, this time with a slightly more expensive production job, compared to their great debut album (which I always prefer). The following songs are included:

Final Separation / Ride Hard - Die Fast / The Cave / Sex Symbol's Bullshit / "Don" Andras / Never Relax / Don't Trust The 'Saint' / The Death Of Gods

As most of the Bulldozer stuff sounds horrible on any reissue, here is a cleaned vinyl transfer from the original LP. Enjoy.


18.2.15 10:16

Bulldozer (1985) The Day Of Wrath (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9779)

Yeah...this one rules !!! The stunning debut album of italian Black/Speed/Thrash three-piece was released in 1985 and has a great vibe between old Venom and the first Bathory album. The following songs are included:

The Exorcism / Cut-Throat / Insurrection Of The Living Damned / Fallen Angel / The Great Deceiver / Mad Man / Whisky Time / Welcome Death / Endless Funeral

There are many re-releases of this album, but nothing sounds as good as the original LP. All CD versions were sourced from vinyl (but with very cheap equipment and average quality settings). Sure, the early Roadrunner pressing is definitely not the best (as many original Roadrunner LPs up to 1988), but it was impossible to find a US, Canada or Japan LP for a cool price...but each original edition will always sound better than any reissue. Enjoy:


18.2.15 10:10

Atomkraft (1986) Queen Of Death (Neat Records ‎– NEAT 55-12)

This great UK band released one album and two mini-LPs from 1985-1987. Their cool style between Punk, Rock'n'Roll and Thrash Metal sounds like a bastard between Motörhead, Venom and some cellar Punk bands. When Neat Records released the Anthology double CD, they included almost all available material, but from the "Queen Of Death" mini-LP some original versions were missing, so I made a digital transfer from the original Neat Records LP, including the following songs:

Queen Of Death / Protectors / Demolition / Funeral Pyre / Mode III

Enjoy !!!


18.2.15 09:30

Artillery (1987) Terror Squad (Neat / Roadrunner RR 9615)

This is the second album by danish Thrashers ARTILLERY, taken from the original 1985 Roadrunner LP. The following songs are included:

The Challenge / In The Thrash / Terror Squad / Let There Be Sin / Hunger And Greed / Therapy / At War With Science / Decapitation Of Deviants

As the original LP and CD editions are sold out since many years (and all later reissues contain brickwalled and compressed-to-death remasters), I published a cleaned vinyl transfer of the original 1985 vinyl. Enjoy:


18.2.15 09:17

Artillery (1985) Fear Of Tomorrow (Roadrunner Records RR 9735)

This great band from Denmark never got what they deserved. Their brilliant and varied Thrash is very unique and didn't lost its impact after all these years. The following songs are included:

Time Has Come / The Almighty / Show Your Hate / King, Thy Name Is Slayer / Out Of The Sky / Into The Universe / The Eternal War / Fear Of Tomorrow / Deeds Of Darkness

Besides all existing CD versions which include either bad vinyl rips, incomplete tracklist or compressed-to-death remasterings, I made a flat transfer from the original Roadrunner pressing to give you an idea how great this album sounded in 1985. Enjoy:


18.2.15 09:06

Anthrax (1984) Fistful Of Metal (Megaforce Records MRI 469)

To me, this is a very important album (and, of course, their best). I am a big fan of Neil Turbin's voice and if you listen to the raging speed of "Deathrider" for example, you can smell the sweat of the musicians in every single note. I've heard any different CD editions, but none of them sounded similar to the original first pressing on vinyl, so I decided to upload my vinyl transfer, including the following tracks:

Deathrider / Metal Thrashing Mad / I'm Eighteen / Panic / Subjugator / Soldiers Of Metal / Death From Above / Anthrax / Across The River / Howling Furies

Enjoy this great piece of Speed Metal !!!


18.2.15 08:58

Blessed Death (1985) Kill Or Be Killed (1986 Roadrunner RR 9715)

This is a very unique Speed / Thrash debut album, originally released in USA in 1985. Especially the singer is outstanding - what a great voice !!!
The following songs are on the LP:

Melt Down / Pig Slaughter / Omen Of Fate / Into The Ovens / Knights Of Old Bridge / Eternal War / Blessed Death / Napalm / Kill Or Be Killed

This album was never released on CD in the glory 80s, so I decided to make a vinyl transfer from the 1986 Roadrunner pressing. Whilst the 2007 CD edition on METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS contains a bad vinyl transfer which was compressed and brickwalled to death, I made a flat transfer without additional mastering to show you how great this record sounded back in the days. Enjoy.


14.2.15 12:55

Carnivore (1985) Carnivore (1986 Greenworld Records LP)

When I first heard that record more than a decade ago, I was simply blown away by its immense and brutal force. I've got a cassette copy, taken from the original Roadrunner LP. Some time later, I bought a CD including both albums (cause I was curious to listen to their second output), but not only the tracklist was incomplete, but also the sound was very different, compared to my cassette dub. I found out that both albums have been remixed for that CD versions, so I was in search for the original LPs. There were also Price Killers CD versions available, but besides the very basic layout, the sound was much worse than on my cassette tape. The best way to listen to that stuff in its original and non-remixed form are the original Roadrunner or the Greenworld LP (released in 1986). The following tracks are included:

Predator / Carnivore / Male Supremacy / Armageddon / Legion Of Doom / God Is Dead / Thermonuclear Warrior / World Wars II And IV

I compared both pressings (Roadrunner and Greenworld) and decided to use the latter one for the transfer, cause the cutting and pressing quality was slightly better. Enjoy.


14.2.15 11:38

Infernäl Mäjesty (1986) Demo 1986 (Private Release)

This is an often overlooked and forgotten band when it comes to great Thrash from the 80s, especially from Canada. Their first album "None Shall Defy" sounds like "Hell Awaits" but with much more technical skills and more complex me, it plays a very important role in the history of extreme music. Here we have the demo from 1986, including the following tracks:

Overlord / Night Of The Living Dead / Skeletons In The Closet / S.O.S.

The demo versions are in fact rough and early mixes of the recordings that were reworked for the debut album. You will recognize that the same basic tracks were used, but the different mixes and edits make this demo very interesting to listen. Enjoy.


14.2.15 10:58

Morbid Angel (1986) Abominations Of Desolation (1991 Satanic Records Version)


In my opinion and besides genre classics like "Seven Churches" by POSSESSED or "Scream Bloody Gore" by DEATH, this is the most important Death Metal album ever and my absolute favourite recording of all times !!! The following songs are included:

The Invocation / Chapel Of Ghouls / Unholy Blasphemies / Angel Of Disease / Azagthoth / The Gate / Lord Of All Fevers And Plague / Hellspawn / Abominations / Demon Seed / Welcome To Hell

The version published on my blog is a declicked transfer from the original Satanic Records LP, released in 1991 as a bootleg made in Italy (but with "Made In Japan" credits printed on the labels and the jacket). As there are many counterfeit pressings out there, it took a long research to identify the initial and only original pressing (limited to 1000 copies). For more information about the different available versions, please check the following fan page:
The Satanic Records LP was released in early 1991 and besides some tapes, spread by John Ortega through the years, it was the first ever vinyl appearance of this unbelievable piece of dark and evil art. Taken from a cassette copy (of unknown generation), originally recorded from the studio mixing desk before the final mastering, you can hear some additional count-ins and a much more raw and brutal sound. Enjoy:


13.2.15 19:47

Tormentor (1987) The 7th Day Of Doom (fully restored AOD version 2014)

This is one of my favourite demo recordings of all times !!!
Unfortunately, it is not available on vinyl or CD anymore. The latest LP edition was limited and sold out in a few weeks...the H.L.K. Productions CD version is also impossible to find, so I decided to upload this little gem for you to listen. As I am a big TORMENTOR fan since many years, I don't want that these great recordings will be forgotten. The following songs are included:

Introduction / Tormentor / Branded By Satan / Infinite Darkness / Damned Grave / Dance Of Swords / Mephisto / Live In Damnation / Seventh Day Of Doom

The version you can hear on this blog is not a simple vinyl-to-mp3 transfer or a flat CD rip, but the result of a very dedicated work. It was fully restored by a fan (dropouts repaired, volume issues fixed etc.) from the 1997 CD (by matching the frequency spectrum from the 2013 LP). This should be the most close to the original demo version out there. Enjoy.


12.2.15 21:04

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