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Welcome to my blog !!!

This blog will offer some rare music for you to listen. As a long-time music collector, I decided to... weiterlesen
9.1.15 10:26

220 Volt (1984) Power Games (CBS Netherlands 25819)

Here we have a great melodic heavy metal album from Sweden, taken from the original 1984 CBS Netherl... weiterlesen
9.1.15 16:04

Amoreen (1990) Welcome, My Name Is... (Private Pressing, RP 30 186)

A nice power / thrash mini-album from Germany, including the following songs:Temptation / Welcome, M... weiterlesen
9.1.15 16:22

Bad Lizard (1985) Power Of Destruction (Roadrunner 9728)

The one and only album of this heavy / power metal band from belgium. Great mix between old HELLOWEE... weiterlesen
9.1.15 16:47

Flames Of Hell (1987) Fire And Steel (Draconian Records 666)

A top rarity from this obscure black / thrash band from Iceland. It was manufactured in a limited am... weiterlesen
9.1.15 17:15

Legend (US) (1979) Fröm The Fjörds (Empire Records A-11186)

An epic masterpiece with some proto-metal and progressive rock influences, originally released as a ... weiterlesen
9.1.15 17:39

Crystal Pride (1982) Silver Hawk (P.oP. Records ‎811101-1)

This is a rare 7" single by a female-fronted heavy metal band from Sweden. The following songs ... weiterlesen
9.1.15 18:07

Taipan (1981) Taipan (Central Station)

Here we have a really great 7" E.P. from Australia. Unbelievable how close this band sounds, co... weiterlesen
9.1.15 18:25

Grotesque (1990) Incantation (Dolores Records DOL 004)

This is one of the most important death metal releases ever, originally released as mini-LP in 1990.... weiterlesen
10.1.15 11:25

Running Wild (1984) Victim Of States Power (Noise Records N 0010)

Here we have the vinyl debut (after the appearance on the compilation album ''Rock From Hell'') of g... weiterlesen
10.1.15 11:35

Piledriver (1986) Stay Ugly (Cobra Records CL 1006)

The second album of this obscure US metal band, including the following songs:The Incubus / Metal De... weiterlesen
10.1.15 12:08

Exorcist (1986) Nightmare Theatre (Cobra Records CI 0003)

Here we have the one and only killer album of US horror metal band EXORCIST. The following songs are... weiterlesen
10.1.15 12:15

Pantera (1984) Projects In The Jungle (Metal Magic Records MMR-1984)

The second album of the Texas metal band, including the following songs:All Over Tonite / Out For Bl... weiterlesen
10.1.15 12:53

Pantera (1985) I Am The Night (Metal Magic Records MMR 1985)

The third album (and the last with the original singer Terrence Lee), including the following songs:... weiterlesen
10.1.15 13:17

E-X-E (1987) Stricken By Might (Shatter Records PAL-1231)

And often overlooked debut album, capturing a nice and unique mix of heavy, power and thrash metal. ... weiterlesen
10.1.15 13:42

Incubus (1988) Serpent Temptation (Brutal Records BR-08959-1)

Many fans believe to know this great album, but not many of them ever heard the original version, re... weiterlesen
10.1.15 14:59

Pantera (1983) Metal Magic (Metal Magic Records MMR 1283(

The classic debut album of a band which got very famous in the early 90s. This cheesy album is not r... weiterlesen
10.1.15 15:07

Pantera (1988) Power Metal (Metal Magic Records MMR-1988)

With the fourth album, the band introduced the new singer Phil Anselmo to celebrate a great mix of... weiterlesen
10.1.15 15:36

Europe (1985) On The Loose (CBS Epic ML-LO)

This nice 7" E.P. includes three rare songs, two of them are early versions of later "The ... weiterlesen
13.1.15 09:58

Venom (1981) In League With Satan (Neat Records NEAT 08)

There are many VENOM compilation albums out there, including the early singles...but did you know ... weiterlesen
13.1.15 10:07

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