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Tormentor (1987) The 7th Day Of Doom (fully restored AOD version 2014)

This is one of my favourite demo recordings of all times !!!Unfortunately, it is not available on vi... weiterlesen
12.2.15 21:04

Morbid Angel (1986) Abominations Of Desolation (1991 Satanic Records Version)

 In my opinion and besides genre classics like "Seven Churches" by POSSESSED or "... weiterlesen
13.2.15 19:47

Infernäl Mäjesty (1986) Demo 1986 (Private Release)

This is an often overlooked and forgotten band when it comes to great Thrash from the 80s, especiall... weiterlesen
14.2.15 10:58

Carnivore (1985) Carnivore (1986 Greenworld Records LP)

When I first heard that record more than a decade ago, I was simply blown away by its immense and br... weiterlesen
14.2.15 11:38

Blessed Death (1985) Kill Or Be Killed (1986 Roadrunner RR 9715)

This is a very unique Speed / Thrash debut album, originally released in USA in 1985. Especially the... weiterlesen
14.2.15 12:55

Anthrax (1984) Fistful Of Metal (Megaforce Records MRI 469)

To me, this is a very important album (and, of course, their best). I am a big fan of Neil Turbin's ... weiterlesen
18.2.15 08:58

Artillery (1985) Fear Of Tomorrow (Roadrunner Records RR 9735)

This great band from Denmark never got what they deserved. Their brilliant and varied Thrash is very... weiterlesen
18.2.15 09:06

Artillery (1987) Terror Squad (Neat / Roadrunner RR 9615)

This is the second album by danish Thrashers ARTILLERY, taken from the original 1985 Roadrunner LP. ... weiterlesen
18.2.15 09:17

Atomkraft (1986) Queen Of Death (Neat Records ‎– NEAT 55-12)

This great UK band released one album and two mini-LPs from 1985-1987. Their cool style between Punk... weiterlesen
18.2.15 09:30

Brats (1981) Rehearsal January 18th, 1981 (Bootleg LP+7")

This is metal history...!!! Brats were originally known as a danish punk band before King Diamond jo... weiterlesen
18.2.15 09:44

Breslau (1982) Volksmusik (EMI Harvest 1C 064-46 567)

This one is a real german classic piece...!!! A nice Rock'n'Roll album, featuring Jutta Weinhold on ... weiterlesen
18.2.15 09:57

Bulldozer (1985) The Day Of Wrath (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9779)

Yeah...this one rules !!! The stunning debut album of italian Black/Speed/Thrash three-piece was rel... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:10

Bulldozer (1986) The Final Separation (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9711)

This is the second album by italian Speed/Black/Thrash horde, this time with a slightly more expensi... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:16

Carnivore (1987) Retaliation (Roadrunner Records RR 9597)

The second album of this outstanding US band (featuring Peter Steele on vocals and bass guitar), thi... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:25

Coroner (1985) Death Cult + Demo 1988 + Compilationtracks (1988-1989)

This demo still rules !!! The songs are really good and it's unbelievable that this recording was th... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:38

Cyclone (1986) Brutal Destruction (Roadrunner Records ‎RR 9687)

Great Exodus worship from Belgium and their only 80s album. Thrash metal at his finest. The singer i... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:43

Dark Angel (1985) We Have Arrived (Axe Killer Records ‎7006)

At first I have to tell you that I never had any chance to grab an original LP with the great artwor... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:53

Deathrow (1986) Riders Of Doom / Satan's Gift (Noise Records ‎N 0044)

Great german Thrash Metal in the vein of Darkness, Necronomicon, Carrion or Violent Force. Originall... weiterlesen
18.2.15 10:59

Deathrow (1987) Raging Steel (Noise Records N 0081)

The second album of the german Thrashers, this tim with a much better production and really great so... weiterlesen
18.2.15 11:10

Death (1984-1986) Demo Anthology - The Early Tapes (Compilation)

BlackTrack74 is proud to present a nice demo compilation by DEATH (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner !!!). All... weiterlesen
18.2.15 11:42

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