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MAYHEM (1991) Out From The Dark (Rehearsal 1991)

When the original Picture LP was released in the 90s, I was so impressed about the power, rawness and brutality of these recordings. I also had the "In Memorium" CD which includes an average transfer from the original vinyl, but I was never really satisfied with the sound quality. In 2009, the "Of Lord Satans Mysteries" CD / LP was released. Great layout, but sound was still not good enough I think. Whilst the original Picture LP has some volume level issues (sometimes the music gets very low when the vocals kick in), the 2009 edition was compressed too much, so all the deep frequencies from the bassdrum and bass guitar sound distorted. After all these years, I decided to do my own version. I ripped my Picture LP, cleaned it from clicks, crackle and hiss and used a multiband compressor to adjust the issues as good as possible. I also fixed some azimuth errors and gave the material a proper mastering. Now it sounds right (at least for my ears) and I never heard any better version of these recordings. Enjoy !!!

30.1.18 16:09

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