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MAYHEM (1986) Vomit From Helvete - Rehearsal November 1986

BlackTrack74 is proud to present a rare rehearsal recording from 1986, released on a limited edition vinyl 12" in 2008. The notes on the backcover of the record say that it was part of the MAYHEM/VOMIT split cassette tape, spread by Euronymous back in the days.
All tracks are instrumental versions and this recordings seems to be the only one with "Into The Crypts Of Rays", a CELTIC FROST classic played by early MAYHEM in a Total Death version !!!
The version you can listen here was sourced from the 2008 vinyl. The original transfer sounded dull and lifeless, so BlackTrack74 decided to remaster the recordings to make everything a little bit more audible, compared to the original source. Enjoy !!!

7.2.18 11:46

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