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Welcome to my blog !!!

This blog will offer some rare music for you to listen. As a long-time music collector, I decided to transfer some great and rare (and out-of-print) rock and metal albums / demotapes to digital format to share it with you for free. You will also find a few albums which are available as reissues, but remixed or remastered beyond recognition, so enjoy the original versions here - as they were intended to be heard back in the days.
Due to space and storage reason, all files will be published in lossy m4a or mp3 format with high quality settings. Please don't ask for lossless files !!! This blog was made to present some long-forgotten and essential musical gems of artists and bands who are inactive today or didn't re-release any of the items you will find on this blog. All digital transfers were made by BlackTrack74 (or at least cleaned and mastered from vinyl or cassette sources, offered by other fans and collectors), using high-quality turntables and expensive cartridges and tapedecks for best possible sound quality and, of course, professional studio software to remove unwanted noises like clicks, pops or tape hiss.
If you are one of the original musicians or the copyright holder of any material published on my blog and you have any problem with the non-profit and 100% free publication here, feel free to contact me and I will remove your album / demo / single immediately.
And now, Ladies and gentlemen, sit down and listen.

9.1.15 10:26

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