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Bathory (1984) Bathory (Black Mark Production BMLP 666-1)

This is were it all started in Scandinavia...and this is the original sound of the album as it was intended and released in 1984. The following tracks are included:

(Intro) / Hades / Reaper / Necromancy / Sacrifice / In Conspiracy With Satan / Armageddon / Raise The Dead / War / (Outro)

The original 1984 Black Mark pressing (yellow or white goat, both were made from the same stampers and have identical matrix information) is the only release with the real sound. All other early versions have strange EQ settings (an unnecessary high-mid and treble boost) or lack some minutes of the original intro (Under One Flag LP). In 1990, the album was remastered beyond recognition, adding some reverb and horrible noise reduction for example and since they made these version, it was used on all available CD, LP and cassette releases until today. Here you have the chance to listen to an excellent vinyl transfer from a mint condition copy of this classic masterpiece in its original fantastic sound:


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