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Brats (1981) Rehearsal January 18th, 1981 (Bootleg LP+7")

This is metal history...!!! Brats were originally known as a danish punk band before King Diamond joined the band to change their direction to a more dark sounding quintett. The tunes you can hear now were recorded during a rehearsal in January 1981 and were never officially released in their entirety. Only four songs were spread as a promotape, all others became famous and well-known in tape trading circles.
In 2010, a bootleg LP and a 7" were released by some maniacs (see left cover. Right cover was taken from another bootleg vinyl release, containing the 4 song promotape only - in horrible sound quality), including the complete session:

Some Day / Death Kiss / Fightin' For The Knighthood / Combat Zone / Love Criminals / Night Riders / Sometimes You're Deadly / You Asked For It / Powers Of Darkness

Due to time restrictions of the vinyl, the makers decided to change the track order slightly. According to some tape traders and collectors, the version I've created here should be the original one.

Strangely, the (very harsh and trebly) recordings on the LP+7" bootleg release are mono, whilst the promotape has stereo versions...I did a remastering of the vinyl stuff, added a subtle room effect and now it sounds good I think. Listen for yourself:


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