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Death (1984-1986) Demo Anthology - The Early Tapes (Compilation)

BlackTrack74 is proud to present a nice demo compilation by DEATH (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner !!!). All tracks were compiled, partially restored and remastered (2012-2014) from various and best available sources. With a playing time of more than 92 minutes, this compilation combines "Death By Metal" (Demo 1984), "Reign Of Terror" (Demo 1984), "Infernal Death" (Demo 1985), "Back From The Dead" (Rehearsal Demo 1985), "Mutilation" (Demo 1986) and two very rare additional tracks:

Legion Of Doom / Evil Dead / Beyond The Unholy Grave / Power Of Darkness / Death By Metal / Corpse Grinder / Summoned To Die / Instrumental / Witch Of Hell / Reign Of Terror / Slaughter House / Infernal Death / Baptized In Blood / Archangel / Intro / Back From The Dead / Mutilation / Reign Of Terror / Beyond The Unholy Grave / Baptized In Blood / Legion Of Doom / Skill To Kill / Land Of No Return / Zombie Ritual / Mutilation / Rigor Mortis / Seizure

Enjoy !!!


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