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Bathory (1987) Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (Under One Flag FLAG 11)

I am sure there is no single Black / Thrash metal maniac out there who doesn't know this groundbreaking album from Sweden...but I am very sure that some of you never heard the LP in its full glory and with a fantastic, brilliant and flawless sound !!! The following tracks are included:

Nocternal Obeisance / Massacre / Woman Of Dark Desires / Call From The Grave / Equimanthorn / Enter The Eternal Fire / Chariots Of Fire / 13 Candles / Of Doom...

All pre-1990 releases (unfortunately on vinyl only) were made from perfect masters, so the records sound outstanding. In 1990, Quorthon and Black Mark Productions decided to remaster the complete back catalogue. Nobody knows what went wrong here, but besides the sonic desasters they did with the first two albums (additional reverb, strange EQ choices), the tapes for "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" must have been either in very bad condition or unavailable at the time of the remastering process. The CD version sounds like taken from a damaged cassette tape with lots of dropouts and a treble spectrum like you would put a blanket to your speakers. Until today, every reissue on CD or LP was sourced from that horrible master, so if you want to hear the real one, you have to spend some bucks for one of the 1987 pressings (Under One Flag, New Renaissance or N.E.W. Musidisc)...but first listen here:


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