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Bathory (1985) The Return... (Black Mark Productions, BMLP 666-II)

The second album of swedish Black Metal pioneers around mastermind Quorthon. The version you can listen here was sourced from the original 1985 first press LP. It sounds totally different and much superior, compared to all available versions in print and includes the following songs:

Revelation Of Doom / Total Destruction / Born For Burning / The Wind Of Mayhem / Bestial Lust (Bitch) / Possessed / The Rite Of Darkness / Reap Of Evil / Son Of The Damned / Sadist (Tormentor) / The Return Of The Darkness And Evil

In 1990, this album sadly became a victim of an unnecessary remastering work of Quorthon and Black Mark Productions. Some reverb was added to the entire sound, the frequency range was totally changed and some cheap noise reduction tools were used to hide the origin of analogue tapes. Besides various original 1985 pressings on vinyl, there is no other version available, containing the original and unbutchered sound - not even any reissue until today. Enjoy a high quality transfer from the Black Mark first pressing:


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