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Infernäl Mäjesty (1987) None Shall Defy (Roadracer Records RR 9609)

This album is part of my personal Top 5 list and I still can't get enough of it !!! Very structured and well-played Thrash from Canada (don't take the pictures on the back cover too serious...they look like posers but play like the devil...!!!) with some similarities to Slayer (Haunting The Chapel / Hell Awaits era), but in a much more technical way. The following songs are included on the original LP (the CD version has two additional demo tracks):

Overlord / R.I.P. / Night Of The Living Dead / S.O.S. / None Shall Defy / Skeletons In The Closet / Anthology Of Death / Path Of The Psyco

This album is a masterpiece and it is very sad that they never managed to record and release a follow up in the glory 80s. There are various demo and live tracks from 1988 which give an idea about the material for a possible second LP...but they needed 11 years to return with a new album and in the end it was not exactly what we expected...but still very good one.
"None Shall Defy" is one of the best Thrash LPs ever and will always have its place in my collection and my heart, as it is part of my life since more than 25 years now. As it is long sold out on LP (and also the only official CD edition from 1996 is out of print), I've decided to make a proper transfer from the original LP. Enjoy a high-quality rip from the US Roadracer vinyl:


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