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Incubus (1987) Supernatural Death (Demotape)

This is the 1987 demo of Incubus from Louisiana (not to be confused with the Georgia band by Mike Browning and Sterling Von Scarborough which also released a demo in 1987). The following songs are included:

Serpent Temptation / Sadistic Sinner / Voices From The Grave / Incubus

These four tunes are not the only songs which were recording during that sessions. There exists a very rare 10-song version, including some unreleased songs and a full live show from 1987. Sadly I never came across one of these copies and instead re-posting bad versions which are available on the net on several other blogs, I decided to post the regular 4-song demo as a transfer from an original tape. Enjoy !!!


24.2.15 22:09

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