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Savage (1983) Loose'n'Lethal (Ebony Records EBON 12)

One of my favourite albums from the NWOBHM era. Listen to the guitar sound - this is unbelievable raw and aggressive !!! The following tracks are included on the original LP:

Let It Loose / Cry Wolf / Berlin / Dirty Money / Ain't No Fit Place / On The Rocks / The China Run / White Hot

This album is sold out since a very long time. In the 90s, it was released on CD for the very first time, adding some demotracks as bonus. For the CD version, the albumtracks were definitely sourced from a vinyl source with average gear, so BlackTrack74 is proud to present a digital transfer from the original LP, made with better equipment. Enjoy !!!


25.2.15 11:14

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